Klaro information and purpose

Klaro is cypher cash…

Klaro is inspired by cutting edge technology and it’s purpose, in a phase where the world seems in “danger” we decided to bring you Klarity, Klaro is electronic money, Klaro is a tool which allows the creation of what “mankind” call money in an electronic way. Klaro shouldn’t be seen as crypto watchers, investors, traders see cryptocurrencies, rather than source of income/fun/mining or learning, cryptocurrencies should be seen as precious code left by several developers around the world which has real value ( you can also see it as artifacts). Today we introduce you Klaro, an electronic form of money with nothing more than our honest vision of the future as “mankid” evolves and each individual tries to map it’s future ahead.

Klaro is also inspired by the right of holding “private money”, banks AI’s are already mapping your future financial health, not only by simple calculation methods on your holdings, but other several data collected about you, either wrong or right. Don’t panic, some of this data is spread through different parties which won’t lead to a perfect “link” and aggregation of knowaladge, AI’s can’t really predict the future like us, our brain maps our prediction of the future in a way AI simply can’t do it, reason we are humans. AI programmers seek perfectness on AI, these are called AGI’s where supposely no flaws exist, an AI developer can claim having achieved this HOWEVER this would apply for a very simple method. The human brain goes much more deeper than a simple rabbit hole such as in Alice in Wonderland. As in blackholes the way most humans see it with information we have everything fades into black, we want your money to act in the same sense, not cause it disappears and we don’t really know what happens rather cause we stand for mankind agains’t financial control of you, your funds and anything else you wish to be “black”. Again, Klaro is driven by Klarity.

Klaro is a Recoal rebrand where previous developers shared the same concern “complete privacy with traceless transactions thus allowing censorship resistant access to services and data across the world.” .

Klaro is now based on latest Monero code with custom RandomX branch on it’s latest version, this allow us to reach anyone who holds a CPU, Klaro as a tool to produce electronic money believes CPU is the best way to produce “equal shares” in a perfect scenario, in a digital world where new vulnerabilities appear everyday we also belive GPU mining makes sense.

Klaro is running latest RandomX version although with some minor big changes, the original author calls it “SaviouRX” in a tone of “joke” however quite serious if we look of consequeces of RandomX being fpgaed/asiced. Klaro decided to keep his anonimity, RandomX fear of being fpgaed or asiced left us no other choice but to go with author changes. Klaro version of RandomX has more floating point instructions than the vanilla version - “those have the same speed wherever they are implemented since their performance is directly correlated with silicon area dedicated to flop calulcations”. We decided to call it RandomXHFPI, HFPI standing for Heavy floating point instructions.

Klaro may evolve into new base code such as Loki Network or others. Klarity isn’t fixed to a basecode nor developers, it’s driven by it’s vision and others who seek/have the same vision or purpose.

Klaro wants to go beyond the sense of being a cryptocurrency, we want you to see it as tool where you can produce electronic money either big or little. Klaro wants you to re-think the sense of money in the way current system is designed, not cause “money” it’s a lie rather cause current FIAT money is worthless in the sense of possibilities, this is our vision, some rich may argue they could buy everything with FIAT, wheres in “real life” FIAT is useful to aquire your needs, wouldn’t be useful perhaps for aliens. Imagine in a far distant time we can establish communication with other sorts of life, or even humans living in a different planet far away from us. Humans fear big innovation this is no lie, it’s natural, protection agains’t danger if any. Klaro and other cryptocurrencies would be accepted cause you could send from a planet to another if communication established.

Klaro has a total supply of 18400000 coins for the time being, value defined by Recoal developers which can be changed with prior announcment considering all sorts of possible future changes which could affect total supply (such as pos/dpos, pows, masternodes, etc), it’s in our interest to keep previous recoal users and developers in mind, so we didn’t touch previous developers premine which is about 2000000 coins as they at least share the same belief of private money right and the fight for Klarity as humankind does. There are 16400000 coins to be mined with these specifications, block time is 120 seconds and block reward is adjusted every block downwards.

Klaro is a coin with sun in mind.